beginners mind

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi said ‘In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the experts there are few’ and wrote his book 'Zen Mind, Beginners Mind' with this in mind.

It doesn't matter how long we’ve practiced any skill we can always benefit from applying beginners mind – as though looking at something or experiencing it for the very first time; without preconceived ideas, assumptions and judgements. To be more conscious, more aware, more awake, more present to what is happening. Looking at life through a fresh lens, with a new perspective, like a tourist entering a city for the first time, with a heightened alertness and awareness to the colours, atmosphere, goings on. When we see the same thing everyday we begin to take it fore granted. This week, our yoga class focus is on opening our minds, to new possibilities, and really noticing what's going on. As we work in our asana (yoga poses) experiencing these as though it's the first time your body has made that shape or moved in that direction. Really paying attention. And take a moment to consider yourself just arriving here on earth, in your 'earth suit' as Dr Libby Weaver so cleverly refers to our bodies, and look at and feel your body as if it's completely new to you. Taking a fresh perspective and noticing the appreciation and gratitude for what this body can do. Beginners mind speaks of what can be done, all the possibilities, rather than what can't be done. So appreciating all that your body and mind allow you to do as you live this human experience.

Self enquiry this week - where can I approach my life with a fresh perspective, to see the possibilities, rather than the challenges and blocks.