observe your attitude

Observe your Attitude 'Each of you is perfect the way you are….. and you could use a little improvement’ 

In term 4 our weekly yoga focus comes from the wisdom and teachings of Zen Buddhist monk & teacher, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (1904-1971). Shunryu Suzuki is known most prominently for his book ‘Zen Mind, Beginners Mind’ and for popularising Zen Buddhism in the US, opening the first Zen Monastery outside of Asia (San Francisco Zen Centre). His teachings are just as relevant today as they were last century.

Suzuki said ‘Each of you is perfect the way you are….. and you could use a little improvement’. Reminding us to love our perfect self first… before we consider what we can do to improve it… to start with accepting all our messiness, complexities and neurosis of being human, and then considering where there is room to change things that aren’t benefiting us or those around us. In yoga, we talk about setting a Sankalpa, a resolve to do something. When we set a sankalpa, it comes from a place of us already being and already having everything we need (we are perfect, just as we are), and to build on that.

In positive psychology we learn to play to our strengths as a more effective way to develop ourselves; a much more useful mindset than beating ourselves up about our weaknesses. It’s interesting, all these different views on being human are same, same, but different. What it shows is this truth is being shared in different ways but is essentially the same truth, the same teaching, the same lesson.

This week, observe your attitude and consider 'is there an aspect of my life where I ‘could use a little improvement’; coming from the view point of being enough already'. Resolving, this week, to do something to improve my life, to benefit me, or those around me.