accepting change

'Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer' SHUNRYU SUZUKI ROSHI

Life is always changing around us and we are personally always changing. Sometimes the changes are positive and other times they can be challenging. Oftentimes we don’t know what the changes are and if we do, not always what they will bring. Mostly, we are surrounded by uncertainty, of things essentially out of our control. We can plan however this doesn't guarantee an outcome. This sense of not being in control can cause worry, anxiety, and be a significant cause of us suffering/pain at times.

A way to accept or live more harmoniously with the constant changes around us is to live in the present moment - not thinking about the future or ruminating about the past; simply paying attention to what's happening for you at this particular moment in your life, and not getting caught up in judgement. Essentially practicing mindfulness.

Our yoga practice helps us to live in the present (or mindfully as is currently a fashionable term to use for this), and to develop comfort and acceptance of change. Also, appreciation of the unknown and the uncertainty we are surrounded by. The beginners mind concept, earlier this term, helps us take a lens of curiosity and openness to what is going on around us. Similarly supporting acceptance of the transient nature of our lives.

We ultimately don’t know what each day, each moment will bring… so to trust and to live without answers, to find composure in uncertainty , as our lives change each day, is a worthwhile intention to aim for. Remembering we are human beings so it's not easy! Yoga practice which embodies each of the 8 limbs (the yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi) helps us grow in our capacity to accept and live well with our human experience..