cultivating your spirit

This week's focus is about patience and cultivating your own spirit.

In the Zen teachings this is about not seeking for something outside yourself. It is a very important point and said to be the only way to practice. Instead of gathering knowledge it is more helpful to clear your mind. When the mind is clear, and open, you can experience true knowledge, as it is already yours. This is true too in the yoga tradition where the aim is to 'still the mind in order to realise our true nature', or our true self, our inner knowledge.

The lesson goes on to say 'When you listen with a pure, clear mind, you can accept it as if your were hearing something you already knew. If you are ready to accept things as they are, you will receive them as old friends, even though you appreciate them with new feeling. People who know, even if only intuitively, the state of emptiness always have open the possibility of accepting things as they are. Even though things may be very difficult, they will always be able to dissolve their problems by patience.' So this week is about creating some space for some quiet, a clear mind, to listen, to what you already know is true, Your inner guide is always there for you, if you just take time, with patience, to listen. 

Self-enquiry: Is there a questions I'm seeking an answer for in my life.... can I stop and listen; trust true knowledge, with patience?