sadhana... a consistent practice

Sadhana – the discipline of having a consistent practice

There are 4 main paths of Yoga we can practice and each appeals to a different personality so we may practice each to some extent or one more than others.

1. Karma Yoga - the yoga of action, giving & being of service to others without any expectation of personal benefits, can be suitable to those who are active doers and outgoing. Mother Theresa, with her life devoted to helping others is an example of exemplifying this behaviour.

2. Bhakti Yoga – the path of devotion, suits those who are more emotional in nature and can involve prayer, chanting, singing and a surrender to 'the all encompassing wisdom' or life. 

3. Raja Yoga – sometimes referred to as classical yoga and systemised in Patanjali's 8 limbs of yoga. The aim is to achieve enlightenment through stilling the mind, to reach an awareness of our true nature, and then to live in this awareness.

4. Jnana Yoga – the yoga of knowledge. Suits those with interest in the intellectual and theory of yoga. Involves philosophy and an understanding of each of the other paths before practicing.

This week, reflecting on your yoga practice and acknowledging the discipline you have created. Even once a week, a consistent practice is effective and beneficial in many ways.

Resolving, this week, to acknowledge your sadhana, your yoga discipline/practice and the recognise benefits it has brought you.