sankalpa... living with intent

Sankalpa – our focus this week. Living with intent, or setting a Sankalpa, the Sanskrit word for resolve (Sanskrit is the ancient Indian language, used in the earliest sacred texts).

Unlike New Year’s resolutions which come from a premise that we’re not good enough the way we are, a sankalpa, comes from a place of us having and being all we need to be to fulfil our life’s purpose…. and taking time to listen to your heart, to become clear on where and how you want to spend your time and energy… Not changing who you are but building on who you are, your strengths and aspects of character that serves you well and are your unique talents, to share with the world.

Take a few minutes, to be quiet, and still... and turn your awareness inwards, to your heart centre… reflecting here 'where do I need to spend my energy this week'. Posing the question, in your heart… with no need to search for the answer… simply raise the question, stay still, and listen. By raising the question in your heart, you've planted the seed; and the answer will come. Maybe right away… but maybe it will pop in later, once the question has settled and the answer has had time to be cultivated.

Resolving this week, to live with intent. To listen to your heart; to where you need to focus your energy, to live your truth.