the yamas - universal morals

This week, the first of Patanjali’s 8 limbs – The Yamas – these are 5 universal morals to live by and guide us in how to live well with others, but they equally apply to how we treat ourselves. They are essentially the golden rule of ‘do unto others as you would like them to do to you’.

There are 5 yamas which translate to:

1.    Do no harm – be kind (Ahimsa)

2.    Be truthful in your intent – be honest (Satya)

3.    Give up wanting what others have – don't steel and be gracious towards others (Asteya)

4.    Keep the pleasures your senses bring in check – moderation in all things (Brahmacharya)

5.    Only take what you need and what is yours – let go of things you’re attached to (Aparigraha)

These 5 character traits guide us towards our true nature of compassion, generosity, honesty and peace.

Reflecting this week on your morals, your guiding principles…. What do you live by…Perhaps it’s ‘do unto others’ or simply kindness to all… what principle guides your moral compass? Resolving this week to observe your morals, what guides you in your day to day decisions and reactions?