the niyamas - personal observations

This week, the second of Patanjali’s 8 limbs – The Niyamas – the personal observations or disciplines which guide our approach and attitude in life, to live better within ourselves.

There are 5 niyamas translate to:

1.    Keeping yourself and your environment clean (Saucha)

2.    Being content with what you have (Santosha)

3.    Keeping physical and mental health in check – enough sleep, activity, nutrition, rest (Tapas)

4.    Self-study to improve yourself (Svadyaya)

5.    Surrendering to a higher power, or accepting your limitations.. letting go (Ishvara Pranidhana)

Considering this week, which of the niyamas to focus on or needs some attention or adjustment in your life. Keeping your environment clean – not only physically but mentally and emotionally; being content with what you have, keeping your physical or mental health in check, taking up study for personal growth, or letting go of what is out of your control…. And it’s all out of your control…  And resolving this week to observe the changes when you give attention or make adjustments in an aspect of your life.