satya - truthfulness

Satya translates from Sanskrit to mean Truthfulness and is the second of the 5 yamas.

If we are to be honest and truthful in our lives, we first need to look within and be honest with ourselves. The second yama is covered in the yoga sutra 2.36 and T.K.V. Desikachar translates this sutra, in his book The Heart of Yoga, as 'The ability to be honest in communication with sensitivity, without hurting others, without telling lies, and with the necessary reflection requires a very refined state of being. Such persons cannot make mistakes in their actions.'

So we might think it is simple to be honest however that doesn't mean it is easy; however when we can be true and honest, while also being kind, we 'cannot make mistakes' in our actions. When we act out of kindness and honesty we don't need to worry about anything else. What we speak and what we do will align to this honesty.

For more thoughts on practicing Satya on and off the mat this article, by renowned yogi Judith Hanson Lasater is a good read :)

Tonight, in your yoga practice, being true to yourself. Not comparing with others. Listening to what your body needs and respecting that tonight.

Our self enquiry tonight - reflecting 'am I being honest with myself and others about my needs. Do I need to set boundaries or be more clear with myself and others how I need to supported so I can support my family, friends and colleagues. Resolving this week to be honest with yourself about what you need to function in an optimal capacity.