ahimsa - non harm

To a wonderful week ahead, filled with kindness, to all.

This week's focus - Ahimsa: non-harm. Himsa translates from Sanskrit to mean harm. A-himsa, non-harm.

Ahimsa isn’t only referring to abstaining from physical acts of violence. It includes refraining from harmful thoughts and words, in addition to harmful behaviour. This yama speaks to not intentionally cause harm to others - by being aware of what we say, what we do and what we are thinking.

And it may help to remember everyone in this life is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Sometimes we can find ourselves judging someone before later learning of what they’ve been going through and regretting our lack of tolerance. Other times we may never have a clue what troubles & issues people are carrying around and living with. And sometimes we might even hear of their challenges and think they’re not so bad – before remembering that everything is relative and what may not be a battle for you can still be a significant battlefield for someone else. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and tipping points. So practicing kindness always. As my grandma taught me, along with honesty, ‘kindness is the best policy’. It’s also contagious J

Reflecting this week: is there someone in my life I’ve been judging or have been critical of their behaviour, and harbouring unkind thoughts of judgement towards them? It may even be yourself that you’ve been judging or critical of. Considering everyone is fighting their own battles and doing the best they can with what they have……. even you. Considering whether you can send or foster some kindness & compassion, rather than judgement & criticism. Perhaps just now, from your heart, sending some kindness and compassion to this person.

Resolving this week to practice kindness & compassion in your thoughts, words and behaviour.