saucha - purity

Saucha - the 1st niyama, or way to live better within ourselves, translates to cleanliness or purity.

On physical level we are taught to keep ourselves clean and well nourished.

But what about our minds - how do we foster a clean and well-functioning mind?

One place to start is by utilising our environment. We know when we are surrounded by a messy or chaotic space, we can feel scattered and lose clarity. When we clear our environment, it somehow clears our head space.

This helps, but we will still have the constant chatter of our monkey minds! So how do we create clarity of mind, removing unhelpful & scattered thoughts and distractions?

Our yoga practice helps us – our asana (focus on the pose), pranayama (focus on the breath), and our mini peace meditation at the end of the class also gives us a point of focus. Mindfulness throughout the day is also helpful.

So this week considering how your environment impacts your state of mind... and what helps you to keep a clear and calm, focussed mind?

Reflecting, is there some chatter or baggage I’m carrying around that is not helpful, not serving me?  Resolving to be mindful of this chatter this week and when it comes up, bring your focus back to the task at hand, or to your breath.