brahmacharya - non excess

Brahmacharya - right use of energy, often translated as non-excess or moderation.

This week's focus is about being discerning in how you spend your energy and aware of your 'set point', keeping balanced, not tipping over to too much or indeed too little in either energy or effort.

And remembering everyone is different. We all have a different point of equilibrium - what is just the right amount of energy to spend on any aspect of our lives. Even with something as day to day as coffee - one might be the right amount for one person, three for another or perhaps no coffee is the best use of 'energy' for you? So too with work - what is the right effort to put in - sometimes we put in too much, other times it may be too little. Knowing what the right balance of energy and effort is for you, to stay balanced and not tipping too far in one direction. And how much energy we spend on relationships; checking this week is it always the 'right use of energy' or do you sometimes need to pull back from particular conversations or issues, or take more of a stand.

This week aware of how you use your energy and if you need to pull back o give some more - just like on our mats, we listen to our bodies as to whether we push a little further in a pose or pull back; so too in other aspects of our lives, this week with our energy, knowing the 'right use of our energy' in life.

Reflecting this week on an aspect of your life which could benefit from right use of energy; where you may be a little off balance, giving too much or too little energy to an area of your life. It could be relationships, work, physical activity, rest or perhaps your nutrition. Resolving to be aware of the right use of your energy this week.

The article below contains some more thoughts on right use of energy in life.