annamaya kosha - the food made sheath

This term we are focussing on the koshas and kleishas – the 5 sheaths or layers of being and the 5 obstacles on our path which cause suffering, respectively.

The yoga texts talk about the koshas as the 5 layers of self or being. Like layers of an onion, you peel one away to reveal another layer.

The first is annamaya kosha - the physical body – also referred to as the food made sheath.

It’s our skin, muscle, bones, organs. It’s our physical matter. We’re most familiar with this physical layer.

So this week, aware of our physical body, our movements and physicality; the strength and stability of our physical being. And caring for our physical bodies.

In class, being aware of the strength and stability your physical body offers you.

Reflecting this week, how do I relate to my physical body? Do I care for it or punish it? How can I improve this?

To a week ahead caring for your physical body.

Relaxation this week – breathing in, aware of the physical body; breathing out, relaxing the physical body; continue to breath in and out…. breathing in, aware of the body, breathing out, relaxing the body.... breathing in, aware, breathing out, relaxed…..