pranamaya kosha - the energy body

This week – Pranayama Kosha. Last week – the first layer, the physical body – annamayakosha. This week, the energy body – pranamaya kosha. In yoga we refer to Prana as life force, life energy, similar to the Chinese chi.

Prana comes into the body from our food, water and via the breath. When we eat more natural food and pure water we improve this prana in our body and also, when we improve the quality of our breathing, which we work on each week in class, this promotes our vital energy also. When we breathe gentle full in and out breaths we improve our physical nourishment but also the subtle energy of life, our prana.

Last week we focused on our body throughout our practice, this week focusing a little further on your breath.

Self Enquiry: This week, taking this time to be grateful for the prana, life force, bringing energy into your life. Grateful for whole foods, fresh water and seaside air, to feed your life force, your prana.

Resolving this week and the next couple of weeks, to practice some gratitude, for all the goodness surrounding you.

To a wonderful week ahead welcoming prana into your life.