manomaya kosha - the emotional body

This week – Manomaya Kosha – the mental sheath also referred to as the emotional body; composed of our thoughts & their patterns and our feelings and emotions.

Considering how we can live more harmoniously with our mental chatter and emotions this week. Aware of how compelling these can be and acknowledging how hard the mind works, constantly thinking, interpreting what it receives through the bombardment of sensory information and translating this based on our experiences, opinions and beliefs.

Our minds are compelling us to pay attention, and to act or react on our thoughts and feelings.

In yoga we learn, slowly! to be less affected and less agitated by the presence of our thoughts.

·         We train our mind to be able to focus – through our asana and pranayama practice.

·         We take time out in relaxation, creating some space for processing time.

·         We witness our thoughts without reacting and with kindness, compassion and curiosity, rather than judgement. Over time we learn and grow from what they teach us about ourselves.

·         We can also learn to sit with emotions and let them flow through us, as they need to, rather than blocking them with distractions and our favourite numbing agents…. Keeping them stuck in us… until the next time they’re triggered.

Tonight, and this week, noticing what thoughts pop in during your practice and choosing to follow or focus.

Self enquiry – as you relax and turn your awareness inwards, notice your thoughts… follow them… notice where they lead… how they change…. Witnessing the mind for a short while………………. And resolving this week if there’s a thought tape you play over and over…. And asking yourself, can I learn something about myself from this thought pattern.

Wishing you a week ahead filled with curiosity about your thoughts and emotions.