Reflecting this week - Is there an area of my life that needs more attention to bring me back into balance. Or can I accept the way things are for now, trusting this too will pass and balance will be restored. Resolving to either make a change or accepting it is what it is, for now.

Yoga is all about balance. We practice Hatha Yoga. In sanskrit: Ha - sun, masculine energy; Tha - moon, feminine energy. We aim to balance the opposites, or polarities, within us; for example judgement / acceptance, fear / love, intuition / reason, positive / negative, doing / being.

We practice many balancing poses in yoga and you may find some days it's easier to find your centre of gravity, and balance. You may become aware of the ego surfacing when you are not as steady as you would like to be... and start to judge... not just in yoga class but also in life we sometimes find it easier to balance. It may be the things we love doing with the things we need to do or finding you're spending more time in one aspect of life while another area misses the attention it needs. This week, considering what balance means to you - either in your yoga practice... what's going on with the ego... or in your day to day life... where do I need to shift the balance, or perhaps accept the way things are for now, trusting balance will naturally restore itself.