vijnanamaya kosha - the wisdom body

The 4th kosha, vijnanamaya kosha is the layer of discernment, or wisdom. How we respond to our thoughts and emotions. This ties in to the first 2 limbs of Patajali's yoga sutras - the yamas and the niyamas: not to harm, steal, lie, overindulge or desire more than you need, but instead to be content, pure, self-disciplined, studious and trusting in the universe to support us.

As you practice yoga you may begin to notice your ability to connect with your inner guidance - the true self starts to shine through. You begin to experience life events with a little more calm and clarity... this is the vijnanamaya kosha developing.

In our self enquiry this week being aware of this sheath of discernment, of wisdom, within us. Considering the thoughts and emotions you find yourself reacting to without discernment... that default mode triggered by a habitual thought pattern. Where you find yourself distracting, avoiding, using some numbing agent of your choice.... And no judgement on this, accepting that is how it is for now, and knowing this is part of our human experience.

Resolving this week to notice when your thoughts are triggered and you miss the opportunity to be discerning and respond, instead of reacting. Just notice. Becoming more self aware. No need to add self criticism or judgement. Accept this is how it is for now, with kindness and compassion for yourself.