asmita - the ego

To a wonderful week ahead, keeping your ego in check.

Asmita – the second of the kleishas – the ego – it’s what separates us from our true nature. The ego sees us label or judge ourselves as superior with a strong ego or inferior with insecurity… ‘I’m the best…. Or I’ll never be good enough’… both the ego speaking.

We can become consumed in ourselves either positively or negatively – comparing with others and getting wrapped up in appearances, or in our thoughts and emotions. The ego can cause much angst and energy consumption.

Asmita brings suffering because we either strive to always be better or we’re thinking we’re lacking in some way. Rather than realising we already are and already have everting inside us to fulfil our life purpose.

The ego is self-centres ‘me, me, me’ and likes to feel powerful and in control – whether inflated or deflated variations.

A healthy ego uses self-observation and self-awareness to get to know our inner sense of Self and realise we are no more or less important than anyone else. We embody the phrase Namaste ‘I bow to and acknowledge the pure light of awareness within you… your true nature, which I recognise in you and in me’.