avidya - ignorance

To a wonderful week ahead, aware of your true nature.

Avidya – the first of the kleishas – 'A' meaning not and 'Vidya' not seeing clearly. The kleishas are the torments which arise from the 5 koshas (the 'sheaths' of human consciousness). They are the key obstacles we face as humans. There are 5 – ignorance, the ego, attachments, aversions & clinging to life; all rooted in fear.

Avidya underpins them all – it is ignorance of our true nature. Getting stuck in thinking we are our body, we are our thoughts and emotions. But these parts of our nature change – the body ages, our thoughts and emotions change from moment to moment; but our true nature is unchanging.

Ignorance in this context represents when we falsely identify with the body, feelings and thoughts as being real, rather than seeing the Self which lies beneath all this. Knowing what is real (the true Self) and what isn’t (the body, thoughts & emotions). Knowing yourself beyond this ignorance – while the body, thoughts & emotions change over time, our true selves, our essential nature, at our core endures and is unchanging. This inner resource of our Self, provides us with a clear lens on life and the strength to deal with the challenges or life and our human existence.

Self enquiry – reflecting, what is real. What is my true, essential nature.