anandamaya kosha - the bliss sheath

Our focus this week is the fifth and final sheath of human consciousness - anandamaya kosha. 'ananda' bliss; 'kosha' sheath. The bliss sheath or the sheath of pure consciousness. Beyond the physical body (annamaya kosha), the energy field (pranamaya kosha), our thoughts and emotions (manomaya kosha), the intellect discerning these (vijanamaya kosha), is our true nature... our higher self, or spirit if you like. Where we feel peace, connection, our consciousness expanding.  We might have glimpses of this in life: losing yourself in something you love doing, holding a new born baby, when time stands still, no thinking... just being with the moment.... at one with your true nature. This week reflecting, 'Can I rest in my true nature.... and just be?' Resolving this week to look out to catch glimpses of yourself in your true nature; completely in flow or in awe.