Contemplating Death | Weekly Yoga Class Focus

Reflecting, if this were my last week, what is the most important thing for me to do? 

‘Death is a great teacher - are you going to wait until the last moment to let it teach you? You must not be afraid to face death - it happens all the time. Why not be bold enough to regularly reflect on how you would live your last week, when everything becomes most meaningful? Your interaction with life is your most meaningful relationship - what gives life meaning is your willingness to live it. Don’t be afraid of death. Let it free you. Let it encourage you to experience life fully. If you do this, your life will no longer be yours to waste; it will be yours to appreciate.’ from Chapter 17 of The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer.

If this resonates with you, as being useful to regularly contemplate your mortality, check out the WeCroak app – for daily reminders to think about death. The premise behind the app is that by regularly contemplating your mortality you are more able to accept life’s events, let go of things that aren’t useful to hold on to and honour everything that does matter.