Lotus Flower Hand Dance - from Yoga for Arthritis

The Lotus Flower Hand Dance.

A yoga mudras sequence.

See the video link to youtube and words and guidance for movement below the video.

The lotus flower starts its day in bud.

(hands in cupped Anjali mudra, fingers together)

As the sun comes up its petals begin to open 

(open the hands at heart centre)

By midday its face is fully open to the sun

(elbows together, palms open, facing up) 

It draws the suns goodness down into its roots 

(hands down, palms facing down, fingertips touching, at base of position)

A gentle breeze blows it one way (right arm to the side, left arm horizontal),

and then the other way (change sides)

No matter how hard the wind blows 

(arms straighten and fingers tips touch the floor)

The little flower always regains its strength and poise 

(hands come together in cupped Anjali mudra, fingers together)

Tiny fish swim about its roots 

(hands swim like fish)

And insects hover overhead 

(arms open out to the sides and above head, thumbs crossed, fingers straight and moving)

Looking down at the beautiful flower 

(hands crossed at the wrists, palms facing up, cupped, fingers together)

Small colourful birds are all around 

(open arms out to the sides and hands in chin mudra, fingers facing outwards and together)

They sometimes come to rest on the flower 

(arms come in and cross at wrists, fingers still in chin mudra, fingers together) hands facing up

As evening approaches 

(arms out to the side and up above the head, backs of hands together)

The little flower draws the day’s goodness into its petals, seals it in 

(hands turn to cupped Anjali mudra) 

Before resting for the night 

(hands at heart centre, cupped Anjali mudra, fingers together).

I learnt this lovely mudras sequence at a yoga fellowship meeting I attended; shared by Donna Rowe, from a very old book, no longer in print, about Yoga for Arthritis. You will notice the movement it requires through the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, all the way up to the shoulders. A lovely way to maintain movement through the arms, hands and fingers.