Relaxing & Releasing | Weekly Yoga Class Focus

Wrapping up our time on The Untethered Soul this week. 

The main premise of the book is answering the question ‘Who am I’ and Singer took us through exploring ‘who is the one who sees’ – and the Self (the one who sees – and sitting into your seat of consciousness) to be the observer of your thoughts and emotions.

When we sit into this seat of self, or awareness, if you like, you have the ability to give yourself inner freedom by sitting back and noticing when your energy shifts or changes and when you notice you ‘relax and release’ into it, rather than resit or avoid what comes up.

He gives practical ways to do this as relaxing your shoulders and relaxing the area around your heart – to let go, to fall behind the sense of being bothered and allow it to flow through you.

Self enquiry this week – reflecting what’s bothering me at the moment… bring it to mind.. and as you do, relax your shoulders, relax the area around your heart and let it go.

Along with classical yoga classes, for which this is our weekly focus, we offer:

  • Introduction to meditation courses running throughout the year in bayside locations. Learn to meditate through a variety of mindfulness meditations and ways to remember to practice these

  • Corporate – Mindfulness Meditation Programs | Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle Program

  • Wellness and lifestyle coach – individuals and groups