Balance & Alignment | Weekly Yoga Class Focus

Maintaining your Balance & Alignment

The Untethered Soul reminded us of our inner world and our inner ‘seat of consciousness’ - being able to tune in to this part of our ‘inner being’ and not just be ruled by, or at the whim of, your mind or ego.

When we are quiet and remove some of the external and sensory stimulus around us it is a little easier to listen and to come from that point of inner consciousness.

For me - while on retreat recently I realised it was much easier to make decisions and live from this place. But day to day life is busy with lots of external demands and happenings, all drawing us in or competing for our attention. This makes it much harder to maintain our centre, to stay aligned with what we know is true within us and how we act and behave. 

Yoga helps us come back to that centre; bringing us back ‘into our bodies’. Meditation helps too; as we take a break from doing and simply be for a while.

In The Untethered Soul, Singer says when you notice you’re triggered to ‘relax your shoulders and the area around your heart’, some super practical advice to help stay centred. 

We all have different ways to help us stay centred and in alignment with what’s true for us.

It might be saying no to additional requests and demands of your time; maybe fasting for a day to remove the stimulus and demands of food; taking regular breaks; going for a walk. Doing yoga; sitting still without your phone by your side. What else is there? What works for you? What do you know you need to do regularly to keep yourself grounded in yourself?

Building your awareness of what works for you and then honouring this can be life changing. You’ll have more energy as you are not so caught up in the mental chatter and external stimuli. You’ll experience more calm and ease; be more efficient and effective… going slow to go fast.

Reflecting this week; how do you stay connected with your inner guidance and able to live more consciously? Do you live aligned with your inner self and your inner wisdom?

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