In yoga we talk of the 3 gunas of nature; the 3 primary constituents of being human. The 3 gunas are Rajas (activity, driven by desire, a heightened sense of energy), Tamas (lethargy, driven by fear, inertia and a dull sense of energy), and Sattva – which translates to beingness – it’s not caught up in striving or clinging to things (rajas tendency), or avoiding things (tamas tendency). Sattva is associated with balance and harmony. It’s the middle of the spectrum. But we need each of these characteristics – the Rajasic qualities get us moving and produce action while the Tamasic qualities keep us grounded and allow us to rest.

This week, becoming aware of where your natural tendency is on the spectrum of these qualities; whether you're more prone to a sense of heaviness, sometimes sluggish, tend avoiding things (tamas); compared with being filled with action and lots of doing, and perhaps coupled with a sense of nervous energy (rajas). Our self-enquiry this week - what is my natural tendency? Can I bring more activity if I’m tamasic, or can I slow down a bit, if I’m rajas and can easily get caught up in clinging and attaching myself to doing. 

Our self enquiry each week is a little like a contemplative meditation; posing a question or contemplating a philosophy; being quiet and listening to what comes up for you. Staying open to your experience - whether physically through sensations in the body, or thoughts from the mind, or another sense - could be colour, or a deep knowing. This can be different for everyone and different for you at different times. When we sit in meditation, it's important to not have any expectations, but rather be open to what presents. 

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, coming closer to balance.