conserving energy

Reflecting this week ‘where am I expending too much energy that isn’t in line with how I want to live my life’? Whether in relationships, work situations, family affairs, or being overly distracted or consumed by sense pleasures.

This week, the 4th yama, Brahmacharya ‘right use of energy’. Taking time to reflect on where you spend your energy. With so many demands and distractions and the added busyness of our modern day lives, we can get caught up in doing and getting stuck on the hamster wheel life can become. It’s useful to take time out to check in on where your energy goes; to step back and consider if your efforts are towards the greater good; towards what you want your life to be and your life's purpose. Considering if you’re spending time on activities or behaviours that cause dissatisfaction or frustration; in a sense, suffering. Noticing if you’re overindulging in behaviour that unnecessarily drains you.

Brahmacharya guides us in being aware of what we spend our energy on and in choosing to direct our vigour towards our right good; what we know is ‘right’ for us. And not overindulging in any particular activity or sense pleasure – whether it’s food, alcohol, caffeine, exercise, shopping, gossip, technology, the list goes on….

To a wonderful week ahead, being mindful of where your energy goes…

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