create space

Reflecting this week, what do I need to let go of, that no longer serves me; to create space for something else, something that does… to align to my values, to live my life with a little more purpose, or a little more ease?

This week’s yoga focus is the 5th and last Yama, Aparigraha. Letting go of what we don’t need and no longer serves us. Aparigraha translates literally to non-greed or non-possessiveness, and not clinging to things for the wrong reasons.

When we become clear on what is necessary for us to live and thrive, we can then let go of what doesn’t and this creates space, for what does, to appear. And that may also be nothing, for a while, or longer. We don’t need to fill every opportunity with more doing, or more stuff. We can just be for a bit, although it isn't again our western and modern day culture.

When we cling on to things, for the wrong reasons, we miss the opportunity to be open to receive what we need.

And this practice of letting go of what no longer serves us also works to support our energy, linking in with brahmacharya (the 4th Yama - right use of energy). When we live in this way we are no longer bogged down by the weight of obligation, expectation, or simply the weight of too much clutter all around us.

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