staying clear

This week considering how your environment impacts your mind... and what helps you to keep a clear and calm mind?

The 1st niyama, or ‘observance’ to live better within ourselves, translates to cleanliness or purity. Purity in our thoughts, words and deeds. Living with good intent, from the heart.

We are typically strong in regards to knowing how to keep physically clean & our bodies pure - we shower, provide our bodies with good nutrition, get enough sleep and rest. But we can forget about our minds - how do we foster a clean and well-functioning mind, to help us become more pure in our thoughts and actions? There are many ways to do this. One very practical way we can do this is by utilising our environment. We know our environment often reflects our state of mind. When we are surrounded by a messy or chaotic environment, we can feel scattered and it's harder to find things... we lose clarity. When we clear our desk space, it somehow clears our head space. Or maybe you utilise meditation or mindfulness to create some space in your day, for a touch of 'mental hygiene', or take a walk, a run. Considering what works best for you to keep your head clear and thoughts pure.

Reflecting ‘is there a physical area in my life I need to clean up?’ Perhaps resolving to clear a space in your physical environment this week, to help create mental clarity... to cultivate a healthy mind.

To a week ahead filled with clean spaces, both physically and mentally.

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