be content

This week our focus ‘being content’ with what we have, and who we are. Noticing when we’re wanting what others have; when we’re striving to keep up with the Jones’, when we’re competing and comparing, rather than enjoying all you have, and appreciating what is  enough.

The 3rd Yama, Asteya, translates, most literally, to ‘non-stealing’. Remembering the sutras are short verses and provide guidance so have many deeper layers of meaning, beyond their literal translations.

‘Asteya’ is more than ‘not stealing’ from another person. It expands to not coveting what others have, not taking things we don’t require and not stealing from ourselves when we compare and compete, as our egos encourage us to do so well.

In our yoga practice, we can steal from ourselves by being critical of our abilities and missing the opportunity to acknowledge what you can do. Alternatively, being conceited in our practice we can steal from ourselves the appreciation of the blessings that have made this possible for us.

We also steal from ourselves when we get distracted by worries from the past or concerns about the future as we miss the moment we’re living in and all the joys and goodness that surround us.

Self enquiry: this week, reflecting, is there an aspect of my life I am stealing from myself? Taking away from enjoying the moment? Resolving to be thankful for all you have, and all you are; your perfectly imperfect self.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead being content with who you are and all you have.

Along with classical yoga classes, for which this is our weekly focus, we offer:

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