be self-aware

Reflecting this week – when do I tend to blame others for my problems; or when do I tend to take responsibility for another’s problems? Can I take responsibility for myself and let others be responsible for themselves?

This week our yoga focus is on the 4th niyama, Svadhyaya - to study self or self awareness and refers to understanding ourselves and why we do what we do... so we can grow and become more in tune with our true nature.

I came across the below text in Deborah Adele’s book ‘The Yamas & Niyamas, Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice’. She writes on Svadhyaya ‘In my travel of third world countries, I have noticed how little is hidden. The old, the sick, the dying, the hungry are not shut away like they are in this country. The guideline of Svadhyaya invites us to do the same with ourselves; not to shut the unpleasant parts of ourselves away, but to carry them with kindness and compassion, knowing that god lives there too.’ She continues ‘I remember when Gandhi was interviewed by a reporter who asked him if he ever got incensed and outraged at his oppressors. Gandhi solemnly replied that no, he didn’t, because he knew what existed in the interior landscape of this own being. He was not afraid to look at the fullness of emotions inside himself, and because of that fearless act of witnessing his inner being he was able to maintain courage rooted in kindness and compassion. Gandhi knew that denial cuts us off from the full reality of ourselves.’ And finally she shares ‘There is a Cherokee story in which the grandfather is explaining to his grandson that two animals live inside his heart, a wolf and a lamb. When the grandson asks what he is to do, the grandfather replies, ‘Feed the lamb’. This story beautifully illustrates the reality of what sits inside us. We need to respect the wolf in us; if we don’t we may become self-righteous and vulnerable to being eaten by the wolf. Whatever we pretend isn’t there will unconsciously use us. But we can choose to feed the lamb and grow ourselves into someone more compassionate and kind to both ourselves and to others. We must be willing to look at the selfishness and greed and anger that lies in us, but feed the greatness.’

This week, aware of our whole selves, accepting the good the bad and the ugly, but feeding the goodness while not pretending we are without all elements of human kind.

Wishing you a week ahead filled with self awareness, and in practicing this, take responsibility for your problems, not another’s.

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