be thankful

Contentment is a feeling which tends to stay with you, has a sense of depth to it, of radiating out. You can feel it in your heart…. And it can develop and grow into an even deeper sense of fulfilment. The wonderful thing about contentment is it costs nothing – you don’t need to buy anything or spend any money. It is cultivated through practicing gratitude.

Our yoga focus this week is Santosha, the 2nd of the niyamas, and translates to inner contentment. 

I like that this translates to inner contentment and not happiness. There is so much around seeking and striving for happiness….. yet contentment is a much more sustainable emotion or feeling, it tends to stay with you. Happiness can be quite elusive – when you want for something, often a material possession, you have this sense that it will make you happy. And when you acquire the item, say new shoes or a new car, you may feel this sense of happiness…. but after not too long it subsides and you may find yourself searching or waiting for the next material item to give you that boost of happiness.

This week considering incorporating a gratitude practice into your day; taking time to be thankful for all that you have and all you are.

Along with classical yoga classes, for which this is our weekly focus, we offer:

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