be free

Reflecting, is there a situation in my life at the moment I'm trying to control? Am I too invested in the outcome... and do I need to let it go; to trust it will be okay?

This week, the 5th and final Niyama, Isvara Pranidana. One translation is to surrender. Surrender to the universe (or to a higher being, something greater than ourselves) and trusting you will be supported. There’s a sense of freedom in this surrendering and trusting. Not always easy. 

Isvara Pranidana guides us to go with the flow, to give up on trying to control everything. We start to do this by becoming aware of when we are attaching ourselves to outcomes or trying to control situations. Our human nature gives us the need to have some degree of control over our lives; some of us needing to have more of a sense of control than others. And you might notice this can create a great deal of angst and unnecessary stress, because really, we are not in control, it's just an illusion, as difficult as this can be to accept at times.

When we do begin to give up on trying to control everything and allow some surrender.... life (or ‘the universe’) does support us. We just need to trust… 

This week, becoming aware of when you like to be in control of situations and acknowledging this... and perhaps having a go at letting go of the need to control an outcome.... to see what happens.

Wishing you a week ahead filled with surrendering control!

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