be disciplined

Reflecting this week; where do I need to put in a little more effort, to be self-disciplined? Where do I need to remind myself the greater gains are more beneficial than the desires, which present themselves each day.

This week's focus is the 3rd Niyama; Tapas, or Self Discipline. We all know self discipline is good for us; to forgo instant gratification and pleasure in favour of some greater gain or more satisfying results; even if it does take time and effort, is a good approach to life. Without self discipline our actions, words and thoughts can become scattered  - think of when you don't clean up your space, when you don't get out of bed when you'd planned, when you overindulge......and your life force, or prana, vital energy source can be weakened. When we consciously commit to doing something and appreciate a little discipline is needed, to build and sustain the habits and thoughts that allow us to get there, we will achieve what we set out to. In addition to this, being realistic and kind to yourself along the way, is helpful as desires and obstacles will always get in the way.... and combining this with some compassion helps to accept the hurdles which come up and sometimes trip us up....compassion can help to pick yourself back up and continue to practice self discipline (tapas) on your journey.

A simple example is showing self-discipline in keeping your belongings maintained and in order… this helps make life simpler… by knowing where to find things when you need them, saving time and stress, and when you do locate them they are in good working order, saving more time and stress!

Another example: practicing self-discipline by getting out of bed earlier. You then get up to the most special part of the day – as the new dawn awakes; and get a head start, having more time in your day. While rolling over and snuggling under the blankets is desirable, it's the instant gratification of comfort it brings, at the expense of getting up, welcoming the day and living.

Even our weekly yoga practice is self-discipline. Committing to come out in the cold isn’t always easy when you’re in a warm, cosy home; but we know by doing this, our body and our mind benefit and we feel better…. And it is worth it!

This week, in our yoga class, practicing self-discipline by staying with your body and breath throughout the practice. Remembering to be compassionate to yourself when your attention wanders and thoughts come to you – gently observe what’s happening, acknowledge it, thank your thoughts for passing by, and let them go, returning to focus on the breath once more, to cultivate self discipline of the mind in staying focussed. 

On the yoga path tapas refers to the inner fire that illuminates the way and burns through all obstacles.

Wishing you a week ahead filled with self-discipline!

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