the witness

Continuing with chapter 2 of Singer's text 'The Untethered Soul' this week. There are two distinct aspects of your inner being. First, ‘You’, the awareness, the witness/observer and the other, ‘that which you watch’. Can you take time to step back and watch it chatting away, and imagine if you had a friend who voiced the words that tumble around in your mind? And consider if you’d go to them for advice; this person who changes their mind multiple times in as many minutes, or seconds, and tends to be over-reactive… and yet we do, despite it causing us so much trouble and suffering, often undermining our intentions and efforts. When we learn to distance ourselves from our psyche (our inner roommate), through practices such as yoga and meditation, we start to become less reactive to and controlled by the inner voice and grow the ability to pause and not take everything it says as gospel, we become more responsive as we have the capacity to decide whether to take its advice or not.

The last paragraph of chapter 2 provokes ‘As it is right now, your life is not your own; it belongs to your inner roommate, the psyche. You have to take it back. Stand firm in the seat of the witness and release the hold that the habitual mind has on you. This is your life – reclaim it.’ So this week, get clear on your intention and resist allowing the wavering mind deter you from your resolve.

Wishing you a week ahead keeping your inner advisor in line.

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