who are you?

Chapter 3 of Singer’s The Untethered Soul explores the question raised by the great yoga master Ramana Maharshi, ‘Who am I?’. Maharsh suggested we ask this every day, as a way to understand ourselves.

Our default answer to this question usually includes describing ourselves by name, relationship, work, experiences, or if pressed further a physical description from our current image in the mirror. But is this really who you are?

If you’d gone to a different school or worked in different workplaces, wouldn’t you still be in there… and sometimes we might describe ourselves in terms of our appearance; and yet when you were back in primary school, or high school, you didn’t look like you do now, and yet that’s still you. So who is it that looks at the image in the mirror, who is having these experiences…… who are you? The one looking out at the world. … and realising you’d still be in there experiencing feelings even if all the outside objects disappeared’. 

‘You’re in there having both inner and outer experiences – but who are you?

Considering this week if you can become more aware of your presence of being, your sense of existence, without the help of your thoughts. Simply aware of your thoughts, not defined by them. 

Reflecting this week, ‘In what ways do I tend to define myself?’ and resolving in the week ahead to notice how you define yourself and if you can dig a little deeper when posed with this question, to get to know who you are, below the surface, the one witnessing this.

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