the one who sees

‘You are behind everything, just watching. That is your true home. Take everything else away and you’re still there, aware that everything is gone. But take the centre of awareness away, and there is nothing. That centre is the seat of Self. From that seat, you are aware that there are thoughts, emotions, and a world coming in through your senses. But now you are aware that you’re aware. The great mystery begins once you take that seat deep within…’ writes Singer in The Untethered Soul, chapter 3.

And our challenge in life is to balance our ‘seat of awareness’ or our intuitive sense of existence (I like to refer to this as our true Self), deep within, with our mind and ego (the self with a small ‘s’), making sense of, and operating in the external world. Considering this week, how to bring more awareness into our life, to support us through the constant changes we live with and through, each and every day. Reminding ourselves ‘I am the One who sees’.

There is a meditation which supports this idea of our seat of self, deep within; it's The Mountain Meditation. You can find many variations of this to be guided through, on meditation apps or by googling 'Mountain Meditation'.

In the Mountain meditation, you bring to mind the image of a mountain and notice the qualities it embodies – groundedness, unmoving, unaffected by the changing seasons, and weather, night and day, the people who come by to visit and whether they see the mountain’s beauty or not. The mountain sits, not bothered one bit about the changes on its surface, around it’s environment, and the people coming by to see it. It continues to sit grounded and unchanging by what happens around it. While the surface of the mountain may change with the seasons, underneath the mountain is the same – it’s centred, rooted, unmoving presence. You can take these qualities in for yourself as you sit in meditation, and in your day, beginning to embody the same unwavering stillness and steadiness of the mountain, unaffected by everything that changes in your life. 

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