embrace life

This week, opening your heart, and mind, and embracing all life has to offer.

'Consciousness is one of the great mysteries in life. Inner energy is another.' writes Singer as he moves into Part 2 of the Untethered Soul, 'Experiencing Energy'.

There are many name for energy - In Chinese medicine it's called Chi, in yoga 'Shakti', in the west we call it 'Spirit'. Regardless of the names it's given, it's the same - you experience it when love rushes up and fills your heart or when you're enthusiastic about something and theres an energy which fills you up that has nothing to do with food or age. This energy needs openness and receptivity to flow freely. 'Opening allows energy in and closing blocks it out'. To stay open minded and open hearted is to stay filled with energy.

Of all the energy centres within us, the one we intuitively know the most about opening and closing is our heart. If Opening allows energy in and closing blocks it out, to enjoy a full life with  high energy, love and enthusiasm all the time, then don’t ever close. 'Nothing is worth closing your heart over.'

Reflecting this week 'Is my heart closed to anything or anyone in my life?' and is there a possibility that I could be more open in my life; open hearted or open minded? 

Wishing you a wonderful open hearted week, embracing all life has to offer.

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