the lucid self

“There is a type of dream, called a lucid dream, in which you know that you’re dreaming rather than being fully immersed in the dream.' 

This distinction is exactly the difference between being aware that you are aware in your daily life, and not being aware that you’re aware. 

When you are an aware being, you no longer become completely immersed in the events around you. Instead, you remain inwardly aware that you are the one who is experiencing both the events and the corresponding thoughts and emotions.  

When you are in this state of not getting lost in your thoughts, but remain aware, you are lucid - seated in the awareness of Self. 

"Our consciousness has the ability to focus in one place, whether on the outside or on your thoughts. If you step back, you will see that objects are constantly passing before you at all levels: mental, emotional and physical. When you’re not centred, your consciousness gets attracted toward one or more these objects. Like watching TV, you become so absorbed in the inner show that you’re watching that you forget yourself. It can be overwhelming and distracting.” 

Likewise we can become so absorbed in our inner thoughts and inner dramas that we forget we can come back to the seat of consciousness, the Self, to not be so overwhelmed or distracted.

This week’s focus ‘The Lucid Self’ comes from Chapter 4 of Michael Singer’s Untethered Soul.

Reflecting this week, what personal, inner drama do I most often become absorbed in? 

Wishing you a week ahead with limited inner drama.

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