Samskaras are unfinished energy patterns, or ‘blockages’ in us from when we’re unable to allow life’s events to pass through us. These energies get 'stuck'. 

We continue, this yoga term with Michael Singer's Untethered Soul - Ch 7, Transcending the Tendency to Close, for our weekly yoga class focus. Continuing on in this section on 'Experiencing Energy'.

Each moment we have experiences coming in through the senses and energy interacts with the flow of our current thoughts and what’s going on for us. We have the opportunity to learn and to grow from our experiences.

When you’re unable to allow life’s events to pass through you, they stay inside and become a problem. ‘The problem is that the part of you that gets disturbed is way out of balance. It's so sensitive that the slightest little thing causes it to overreact. You are living on a planet spinning around the middle of outer space, an you're either worrying about your blemishes, the scratch on your new car, or the fact that you burped in public. It's not healthy. If your physical body were that sensitive, you would say you were sick. But our society considers psychological sensitivities normal. Because most of us don't have to worry about food, clothing or shelter, we have the luxury of worrying about a spot on our pants, or laughing too loud, or saying something wrong. Because we've developed this hypersensitive psyche, we constantly use our energies to close around it and protect ourselves. But this process only hides the problems; it doesn't fix them. You're locking your illness inside yourself, and it will only get worse.' page 60, The Untethered Soul.

When we have experiences which hurt us our cause a problem, we may store them as a blocked energy. If a past experience was stored with pain, it’s going to reactivate with pain . . and you can actually feel the fears and insecurity of a five-year-old when you’re a grown adult, even at 80. 

Learning to be centred enough to just watch this stuff come up is how we allow it to pass through us and no longer be stuck, and a problem. This involves staying centred behind these times that your sensitivity is triggered and letting to. Letting to is a process of releasing and cleansing. Your reward is a permanently open heart. You live in love and it feeds and strengthens you.

This week, becoming aware of a memory that still has the power to cause you pain. Notice when you are particularly sensitive to life’s events and the sensitivities, your samskaras. Awareness is the first step. Then, see if you can let them be (the feelings that arise) without distracting yourself from the emotion, avoiding it, numbing yourself, or whatever you do to avoid the discomfort that comes. 

As Singer writes ‘You start by watching life and noticing the constandt flow of people and situations that hit your stuff every day… and how often you find yourself trying to protect and defend that weak part of you?'

How freeing would it be to get rid of the scared part of you and not have to worry about getting hurt or disturbed. 

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