staying centred

‘Your centre of consciousness is always stronger than the energy that is pulling on it’. 

As we finish part 2 on Energy in The Untethered Soul, Singer continues in Chapter 7, ‘You will see that the energy does have the power to draw you in. Even once you decide you’re not going to let this happen, it still has a tremendous power over you. It happens at work and it happens at home. It happens with your children and with your husband or wife. It happens with everything and everybody all the time.’

This energy comes from your outer experiences and the inner thoughts and emotions which arise, seemingly from no-where. You have a choice – to be swept away with them or to take a pause, centre yourself and respond from your consciousness. You don’t need to be swept away by whims of the mind, you can choose. You don’t need to react as you always have to emotions, you can do something different… sit with them… or even do the opposite to what you would ordinarily do.

First, you become aware and then you remain in yourself enough (to be centred and grounded in our bodies) to be able to respond.

‘Don’t think you’d be free if you just didn’t have these kinds of feelings. It’s not true. If you can be free even though you’re having these kinds of feelings, then you’re really free – because there will always be something.’

Reflecting this week on an outer experience that has the ability to sweep you away, out of the moment... into the past, or into the future. As you call this to mind, take your awareness to your breath, and your body,; feeling centred and grounded and then bring the experience to mind. Notice if there's any difference in your mind state, from simply centring and grounding yourself.

Resolving in the week ahead to remember you can centre and ground yourself at anytime - take your attention to your breath, and then to your body... feeling your feet on the floor, tuning in to any bodily sensations. Practicing this when you notice yourself being swept away by an outer experience, or the mind's whims...

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