freeing yourself

It doesn’t matter what others do, unless you decide that it matters to you. . .  When you remain in the seat of Self, you are free. 

We choose whether we get absorbed in melodramas in our lives. We can hang out with the inner disturbances they prompt and promote or choose to just let things go, to be aware, from the seat of Self.

“Awareness does not fight; awareness releases and watches while the universe parades before it… Be an explorer. Witness it and then it will go. If you don’t get absorbed in it, the experience will soon pass and something else will come up. Just enjoy all of it. If you can do this, you will be free and a world of pure energy will open up within you.”  Chapter 9, The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer.

Reflecting this week ‘Is there a melodrama that I’m getting caught up in, in my life at the moment? Can I let this inner disturbance be... witness it, rather than get absorbed in it?’ 

Along with classical yoga classes, for which this is our weekly focus, we offer:

  • Yoga classes in bayside Melbourne on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings. Our yoga classes are suitable for beginners.

  • Qigong - Movement & Meditation class on Wednesday mornings.

  • Introduction to meditation courses running throughout the year in bayside locations. Learn to meditate through a variety of mindfulness meditations and ways to remember to practice these

  • Corporate – Mindfulness Meditation Programs | Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle Program

  • Wellness and lifestyle coach – individuals and groups