the price of freedom | Weekly Yoga Class Focus

We all live with pain and our tendency is to avoid it. Each time we avoid it we create a layer of sensitivity and the pain stays stuck in you, affecting everything you do.

To be free of pain we first need to stop pulling away from it, stop avoiding it and rather recognise it when it appears, form a relationship with it whereby you don’t ignore it but allow yourself to feel it (in your body) and so it can flow through you; to be at ease with pain passing through you, so you can be free. The other side of pain is love and peace.

Singer shares his wisdom on this in Chapter 10 - Pain, The Price of Freedom, The Untethered Soul.

“When something painful touches your body, you tend to pull away instinctively. Your psyche does the same thing. Because the heart is where pain comes from, it radiates out and affects everything you do. If you are avoiding pain, that pain is creating layer upon layer of sensitivities and running your life. In order to avoid the pain, you try to avoid it. If your life wasn’t run by that pain you would be free to walk around this world just having fun, just being comfortable with whatever happens.” 

He also talks about letting the pain pass through you “Real growth takes place when you finally decide to deal with the deep pain in your heart. Recognise pain is a temporary experience unless you hold onto it. 

He continues 'When you are at ease with pain passing through you, you will be free.'.... and 'on the other side of all this fear and pain is freedom. Your true greatness hides on the other side of that layer of pain as a beautiful inner force. Form a personal relationship with this force and let peace and love run your life.” 

Reflecting this week 'What is the pain in my heart telling me? Can I let it pass through me?' 

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