Choose peace over pain & love over fear

This week, choosing to let peace and love run your life, rather than be ruled by pain or fear.

Singer continues in The Untethered Soul; 'To get some perspective on your life, walk outside on a clear night and just look up into the sky. In this vast and glorious galaxy you are standing on a little ball of dirt spinning around one of those stars. From that perspective, why spend your life worrying about whether people like you or whether your car impresses them. There is pain in the heart but there is also tremendous joy, beauty, love and peace within you. They are on the other side of the pain. The other side is an ocean of love, the other side is freedom.' 

Remembering you can not only let pain pass through you but you can also choose peace over pain and love over fear. As human's we're wired to default to fear, to keep us safe. When you become aware of when you are operating from a place of fear, you can choose whether to let fear influence your decisions, or rather, come from a perspective of love. Fear can tend to have us 'close', where as love keeps us 'open' to life.

Reflecting this week 'Can I allow myself to feel the inner ocean of love well up within my heart? Can I make choices from a place of love and peace, rather than pain and fear'