Let go of False Solidity | Weekly Yoga Class Focus

We were told not to build our house on sand, yet we do just this. In the expanse of the empty space of inner mind, we cling to passing thoughts, emotions and movements of energy, none of which are solid, and build our entire sense of self around them. We create a structure of apparent solidity to rest upon. We also want people around us to have done the same thing, want them to be steady enough so that we can predict their behaviour. If they aren’t, it disturbs us. ‘Just think how nice we are to people when they behave in accordance with our expectations. Now think about how you close up and pull back from them when they don’t. The only way to inner freedom is through the one who watches: the Self. There is no need for false solidity when you are at peace with the universal expanse of your true Being.’ 

From Chapter 14 of the Untethered Soul, Letting go of False Solidity.

Self-enquiry: Is there someone who is not behaving according to my expectations in my life? How does it make me feel? Can I simply observe, accept and let go of this reaction?