What's preventing me from experiencing light in my life?

Singer continues in Ch 12 'Taking Down the Walls'; ’Imagine you built the house of your dreams in the middle of an open field where the sun was always shining, filled it with all you needed to feel safe and secure, then found it was safer to stay inside where things are just perfect - to your liking and under your control. 

This is like your psyche: all the concepts, views, opinions, beliefs, hopes and dreams that you have collected around yourself are the walls of your ‘inner house’ and form the boundaries of your awareness. They work to protect you but also block the light from coming in and this ‘house’ inside you can become your prison. 

Now imagine the walls of this house crumbling down and you are able to experience the effortless release of consciousness expanding into the ocean of brilliance of what is and always was, on the other side of those walls.’

Reflecting this week 'What is the thickest wall I have built in my psyche, my mind, that prevents me from experiencing light in my life?' Resolving in the week ahead to notice when you close yourself off to this light, opportunities, or living more freely.

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