Boost your focus & productivity today

Add these three simple practices, which take no time at all, to your morning routine, and enhance your focus, productivity and performance for the day.

These ‘tools’ offer you a chance to pause, before getting caught up in the busyness of your day and the stress associated with doing more and more, in less time, often with insufficient breaks throughout. While our devices are helpful and we would struggle to live without them, they mean we’re always connected and receiving notifications and requests at all hours of the day, and night. We often forget, or neglect to prioritise, boundaries and push through without a clear purpose and intent for why we keep doing what we’re doing.

1. Stop before you start. Before you bounce out of bed, stop for 2 or 3 mindful breaths (slow and smooth breaths into your belly), and acknowledge the end of your rest cycle. Then move on to set your intention for the day.

2. Set an intention. After your mindful breaths and before getting out of bed; take a moment to bring to mind an intention for your day. This may be consciously deciding what you want to achieve; for example, to stay open minded, or be kind to those you meet with and work with, or it may be a resolve to complete a task that’s been weighing you down, or a commitment to take an action which supports an important goal for you.

3. Drink water on rising. First and foremost, hydrating yourself, particularly first thing in the morning, will support efficient brain function. Our bodies are made up of nearly 60% water, with the brain and heart comprising 73%. Have your water bottle by your bed or in the bathroom ready for you to take a sip on rising. After sleeping for 8 hours your body loses hydration so make water your first priority on rising; and notice the difference in your energy and alertness in the morning. Continue sipping on water throughout the day; aiming for 6-8 glasses.

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, add these 3 productivity boosters to your morning routine, and notice the difference in your focus and energy. Each time you get stressed you're consuming more energy than you need to, as your body spends time in fight flight mode (where the Sympathetic Nervous System is dominant). This means you’re unnecessarily expending ‘nervous’ energy. By consciously stopping for a moment, throughout the day you give your nervous system a much needed break and help maintain your body’s balance and energy.

There are many ways to improve focus and productivity but these are 3 which can be easily incorporated anywhere, anytime for noticeable benefits.

What are your top tips for improving your focus and productivity, at work or at home?

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