5 tips for creating healthy habits

You know what to eat and you know to drink less alcohol and coffee, and more H2O, but you just can’t seem to do it!

“Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Find a way to get started in less than two minutes.” 
― James Clear

Get started today with my 5 tips on creating a new, sustainable, healthy habit.

1.    Take time out to reflect on what’s most important to you to change in your life. What’s going to have the greatest impact.

2.    Check you’re ready and confident you can make the change. You need to be 8/10 ready and confident if you want to make a change. If you’re not there, think of something else to start with.

3.    Know what motivates you to make a change. What’s your tendency? Gretchen Ruben writes about The 4 Tendencies in her book by the same name. Determine if you’re an Upholder (you do it if you schedule it in your diary), an Obliger (you do it if you have someone to hold yourself accountable to), a Questioner (you do it when you have done the research to know it’s the best thing for you to do) or a Rebel (you need to identify yourself as a person who lives this way, to make the change). The tendencies give you insights into the conditions you need to create to drive and sustain change. Take action on this insight to support you continuing your new behaviour.

4.    Find something you can attach your new behaviour to. There will be an activity you perform automatically every day which you can leverage and use as your trigger to remember to undertake the new behaviour or action.

5.    Make your habit change goal SMART– Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.

When you need help to set new habits

Can’t I just do it on my own? Sure, but behaviour change isn’t easy. If it was, there’d be no need for new year’s resolutions and the diet and fitness industry wouldn’t be making billions of dollars each year. A good start is to share the experience with other likeminded people wanting to make healthy changes too. You’ll not feel so alone and you’ll more than likely get some insights and learn some tips through the process.

More benefits of going to a facilitated session  

1.    You have committed to show up - the date is in the diary and you simply come along; you’re much more likely to make it happen.

2.    You have set aside the time to decide what’s most important to you and what you don’t want to take into the new year. 

3.    You’ll be guided and supported through the process.

Remember behaviour change isn’t easy; if it was we wouldn’t have any problems! Do yourself a favour and make this happen. Commit to what you’ll do today, tomorrow, next week and each month, to maintain and sustain your new healthy behaviour. Give yourself this gift of starting a healthy change for 2019 with Flourish Coaching.

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