sankalpa - live with intent

Sankalpa is the sanskrit word (ancient Indian language, used in the earliest sacred texts) that means an intention formed by the heart and mind. When you set a sankalpa, you resolve to live by this intention, with awareness.

A sankalpa comes from the premise that we are already good enough the way we are, and have all we need to fulfil our life’s purpose…. 

You can start practicing setting a sankalpa by bringing more intention to your day or week. You can do this in a meditation, or set aside 5-10 minutes to sit quietly, turn your awareness inwards, to listen to your heart … and reflect here 'where do I need to spend my energy today/this week'. Posing the question, and listening to what your body has to tell you… any sensations you notice, not just what the mind has to say… there’s no need to try and search for the answer, or think about it… simply raise the question, stay still, and listen. By raising the question in your heart, you've planted the seed; and the answer will come. Maybe right away… but maybe it will pop in later, once the question has settled and the answer has had time to be cultivated. It takes practice to tune in if you’ve been living in your head and in a busy life. Allow that to be okay, if you can. Trust it will become easier and clearer.

When we set a sankalpa, it’s not about about changing who you are, rather building on who you are. Becoming aware of your strengths and aspects of character that serve you well and are your unique talents, to share with the world.

Resolving this week, to live with intent. To listen to your heart; to where you need to focus your energy, to live your truth.