Our weekly meditation in Mentone

Our weekly meditation sessions, on Tuesday evenings, are 35 minutes; enough time to relax and settle before heading home to bed or a cup of tea, or the ‘next thing’ to do... Each term has a theme and in Term 2, 2019 we are guided by iRest meditation as we work through each of the stages of this meditation practice.

It’s a great opportunity to commit to a weekly meditation, shared with others, with a focus you can practice in the week ahead, to stay calm and connected, as you go about a busy modern life. Like yoga, participants report sleeping better and improving their ability to be calm and focused. There’s no yoga movement – you lie or sit (there are chairs) and be comfortable (I have some cushions and extra blankets). 

This term our weekly focus will be:

1.     Developing your inner resource. Finding a place of calm & ease within, that you can take with you into daily life. It could be the felt sense you have in the meditation session, or an image you call to mind which evokes calm, peace and a sense of being completely supported and safe, just as you are.

2.     Setting an intention; a conscious intention for your meditation practice, and ways to live more intentionally in the week ahead.

3.     Cultivating your heartfelt desire. Your heartfelt desire is what you want more than anything else in life. It may be to feel at peace, to be kind and welcome kindness, to be healthy, happy, at ease…. Or maybe it is to achieve something in particular in your life; to help people in a particular way, to share your gifts and talents. This can change over time and isn’t fixed, however offers a guide in how you live each day.

4.     Body sensing to soothe the nervous system and develop a mindfulness practice. When we begin to tune in to the sensations in our body, we stop the thinking mind and the anxiety it brings. It’s not possible to think and feel at the same time. You’ll experience this and become aware of how to incorporate this in your life.

5.     Breath sensing to connect body, mind and Self. The breath being the closest thing we have to the present moment, and a useful anchor for our meditation practice. A variety of breath practices and ways to practice in your week ahead.

6.     Aware of feelings & emotions and as you recognise these, welcoming the messages they share and observing their transient nature. Working with opposite emotions and their felt sense in the body. When we recognise and allow emotions to flow through us, we stop blocking and avoiding them, and we suffer less from the avoidance behaviours we previously applied.

7.     Welcoming thoughts & the beliefs they stem from. Recognising, experiencing and being with whatever the mind brings to our awareness, and experiencing the polarities. Once aware of your thoughts you can decide what to do next; whether it’s checking in with the message it has for you or choosing to change your thought, or focus on something else if you wish or need to.

8.     Experiencing an inner sense of joy and wellbeing. Welcoming joy and becoming familiar with the felt sense it brings with it, in your body.

9.     Experiencing yourself as pure being; as the witness of all you experience. Acknowledging you don’t need to change or fix anything. 

What you are willing to be with, you are set free from.
— Richard Miller

10.  Integrating all aspects of our term’s focus. Bringing all aspects together, moment to moment, as you practice as you go about your day.


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Along with weekly meditation, we offer a 5 week Introduction to Meditation course and Individual Coaching in Mindfulness Meditation and Wellness at Corporate workplaces and by phone. Our weekly Yoga classes and Meditation sessions are in Mentone and Parkdale.