acceptance | weekly yoga class focus

Reflecting this week, is there an aspect of myself or my life I need to accept, and be kind to myself?

The Bhagavad Gita describes yoga as the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself. Accepting ourselves with all our imperfections goes hand in hand with tolerating the consequences of being ourselves, and in turn, when we accept our imperfections and personal challenges we become more tolerant of others… and this makes for a more harmonious life.

We practice acceptance in our yoga asana work, by being aware of our limitations, and accepting them; aware of the ego, comparing and pushing us; the self talk that comes along with this. This week, accepting what we can do in our yoga practice and remembering less strain for more gain.

Practicing acceptance in our physical practice helps us to accept other aspects of our lives - our emotions, feelings, life circumstances. By bringing awareness and acceptance to various aspects of ourselves we stop resisting our imperfections and they are less likely to persist. Remembering the sayings ‘what you resist persists’ and ‘resistance is futile’ reminds us that blocking or ignoring these aspects of our lives isn’t helpful. Conversely, acceptance of the parts of ourselves we may be ashamed of has a way of removing the power of the shame and the need to ‘hide behind ourselves’.

And when we accept ourselves, we naturally begin to accept others.

Along with classical yoga classes, for which this is our weekly focus, we offer: